Hello Firecracker song lyrics by Green Day

Hello Firecracker song lyrics Green Day

We originally thought that Hello Firecracker was going to be a song on the Uno album, however our intel was wrong.

Firecracker may have been a song that was actually recorded by Green Day and it didn't end up on either Uno, Dos or Tre. Or it may have been a song but it was given a new title. Or may be the song just didn't ever exist and the name was wrong. So, to be clear then, there are no lyrics to any Green Day song called Hello Firecracker!

But hey seeing as you're hear, you probably know that Green Day has a new album out called Radio Revolution. Why don't you check out the lyrics to it and songs like Bang Bang and Too Dumb To Die.

Or try something quite different like the lyrics to U2's The Little Things That Give You Away.

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