Green Day Uno Lyrics

Song lyrics by Green Day from the Uno album
Uno album cover featuring Billie Joe

Green Day's Uno album Lyrics

Uno was actually Green Day's 9th studio album - the first of the Uno, Dos, Tre trilogy. A unique experiment for the band, Uno featured some popular singles, and for this listener, a few repeat listening efforts, the album mellow somewhat.

Not quite like a fine wine, Uno is a handy album to play along in the car as an antidote to the shite that passes for good music on the radio these days.

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1) Nuclear Family
2) Stay The Night
3) Carpe Diem
4) Let Yourself Go
5) Kill The DJ
6) Fell For You
7) Loss Of Control
8) Troublemaker
9) Angel Blue
10) Sweet 16
11) Rusty James
12) Oh Love

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