Revolution Radio album lyrics and track listing by Green Day

revolution radio song lyrics by Green Day

Green Day's new album is called Revolution Radio.

Revolution Radio as the album name was strongly hinted by the band when they released the single covert art for their new single Bang Bang. It was written in there in small letters and also as Rev Rad!

Given this set list also featured the words Rev Rad, we also expect that the album will have a song of the same name. It does!

The album name was confirmed by a fan who looked into the source code on the official Green Day website and found this: 

lyrics to revolution radio

This makes sense as the moment they announce the name formally, people will want to order the album and so they need to be ready to take those orders.

We imagine that the album will informally be called Rev Rad.

Given the name, the album’s lyrics are likely to be political given the name – and also Tre told everyone to kill their television. Looks like Green Day will once again be appealing to the anti-establishment crowd. Indeed, the lyrics of Bang Bang are a commentary on the use of guns for murder of innocent people and the hype the media puts into such events.

Here's the track list for 'Rev Rad', Green Day's follow up studio album from Tre.

Radio Revolution / Rev Rad lyrics:

1. "Somewhere Now"
2. "Bang Bang"  
3. "Revolution Radio"  
4. "Say Goodbye"  
5. "Outlaws"  
6. "Bouncing Off the Wall"  
7. "Still Breathing"  
8. "Youngblood"  
9. "Too Dumb to Die"  
10. "Troubled Times"
11. "Forever Now"  
12. "Ordinary World"  


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